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Re: [IP] To Susan: Letting go

>I totally understand where you are coming from. Kevin is 12, dx 12/98 and he
>had NOT stayed over any friends houses or gone on any retreats without us. He
>had a few school functions where my husband went overnight and were grateful
>because of the amount of exercise, different foods and things that happened
>during the night. We didnt have to do any site changes (even though we could
>with Kev too... a bomb could go off next to him!) but things came up that
>only my husband or I would know what to do. It has been this whole time that
>we havent left him overnight. (one week at diabetic camp not included) A few
>weeks ago we had to take my daughter to see a specialist for her foot 4 hours
>away and decided to stay over...Kevin needed to be at school, so my in-laws
>(who are with Kev alot and know more than the average bear) took him
>overnight. WELL, between strange meals and who knows what, we had about 20
>phone calls from 3pm to 3AM!!! First he was low, then of course he was
>high...long night for them and us being away. Not worth it. I'm already
>planning on going to COLLEGE with Kevin unless there is a cure! ha ha

Ha!  No flaming allowed! :)

I am wondering why (not esp. Kevin) but any kid, say over age 5 can't
handle their own hypos?  I understand kids don't have the mathmatical
ability to handle comples bolus calcs for dropping highs but I really
wonder if many parents allow their kids to go on their own with diabetes
for a while and as hard as it must be - just watch and see how the kids do?

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

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