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[IP] Insurance letter

Today I FINALLY received a copy of the letter that was sent to the insurance 
company for Cory's pump.  I am concerned because it states that he has type 
"a" insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Humm never heard of type a -- sure 
they meant 1.  Also they said that he attempts to maintain with 2 - 3 shots 
--- never, never, never did we try it with only 2. We asked if we could do 
that and were told absolutely not that he must always have 3.  At times he 
has even had 4 or 5 shots and still remained high!  They did say that he has 
remained compliant and has experienced multiple glycemic excursions. Whatever 
that means!  The next 4 paragraphs dealt with the DCCT and mentioned that 
this can be accomplished with 3- 4 injections daily or with a pump!  How dare 
them!  Cory has not been able to manage on 3 - 4 injections daily.  He has 
horrible highs or dangerous lows!  That stupid NPH peaks when and if it gets 
good and ready!  Injections have not been a good option based on what I have 
learned about pumping. They did not mention how these highs and lows affect 
his daily living, how he is unable to perform well at school due to the 
highs/lows and being in the clinic instead of class!  No mention was made of 
the social impact of a child who just wants to be able to go to birthday 
parties, bowling, etc. with other kids and eat when they eat.  Oh well, I 
hope the insurance company will approve this in spite of the fact that I 
think I could have written a better letter!
Wish us luck,
Grand - mom  to Cory
age 11 ~ dx'd 12/28/98
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