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[IP] Honesty

SNIP>>>>>>>> Please do not think I am making a judgement call either way on
or not you should do this, I am only offering information to help make
the decision... If you knowingly provide false information on forms such
as this it is generally a crime (it usually says so right on the form).
If you do lie, and then for some reason you are in an accident and they
find out that you lied, you might face problems a lot more complicated
that filing some extra paperwork. like getting your license revoked for
a much longer period of time...Laura<<<<<<<<<<SNIP

Laura, I think we all know that.  However, I believe that in this case it
would be easier to apologize for the oversight. Of course, you are right,
and for someone who has a history of frequent siezures, or other driving
problems, the paperwork should be carried out.  But for so many of us, who
have never had a driving problem, or an accident, etc., DMV has gone
overboard causing loss wages, unnecessary paperwork and wasted time for no
reason.  Those of us who fly right by that question are not knowingly lying,
we  inadvertently overlooked it (or didn't have diabetes when they first
filled it out...., like you know, everyone that is diagnosed is not going to
run down to the DMV and say, oh, I have diabetes now.....). My personal
theory is, they let DUIs keep driving, so if I just stay out of their
(Drunks) way, I will be fine.  I know I am not a danger on the road because
of my diabetes.  

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