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[IP] Hospital time for hookup

    Hi all,

When I started on the pump 12 years ago I spent 5 days in the hospital.  My 
Endo Had only started one other person before me.  She misunderstood me when 
I told her that I had read some information on the pump from MM. She thought 
I knew what I was doing when she entered the room to show me how to connect 
the pump.  Her first words to me were to take the pump out of the suspend 
mode.  This was the first time I had even seen a pump except in a picture.  I 
said I didn't have a clue as to what she meant.  She hates to have her time 
wasted and she figured I just wasted her time.  She snapped back you said you 
had read about the pump what exactly did you read.  The literature that MM 
sends out to someone interested on starting on the pump, I replied.  She 
didn't know what to say.  She was working at a teaching hospital and had a 
whole group of hospital people there to learn, plus the newspaper.
She proceeded to show me how to place a set and tape it down.  She had my 
profiles already set and told me very quickly how to bolus, how much bolus to 
take for each meal, how to figure how much more insulin to take for how high 
you were before a meal etc.  Then she sent me to see a short movie about the 
pump and gave me the booklet to read and told me to make sure I read it 
thoroughly by morning and be familiar with everything in the book.

I never read so fast in my life.  She was in a much better mood the next 
morning and things really went better after that.  When she put it in the 
first time she hit a blood vessel and the thing bleed all night and my sugar 
never did come any lower that 250 all night.  She expected me to change it 
myself the next morning which I did and things went well after that.  She 
kept a very close eye on me for the rest of my time and even had me call her 
at home for the next week everyday.  This was her vacation and a time of 
religious holiday for her.  I'm still with here and respect her very much and 
I know she also respects me.  It was too bad that we got off to a rough start 
because of a misunderstanding in communication, but nevertheless I still 
would have had to stay 5 days in the hospital.  She changed that soon 
afterward and now has a whole team to help including cde,dietitian, exercise 
instructor and the whole thing.
I know its a little long but that is the story of my introduction to the 
pump. I was not taught carb counting the way most of you were I did on my own 
read and learn hhow to do it better on my own.

Nancy D 35 years pumping 12 years.
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