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[IP] Wyoming driver's license

Hi all--

My experiences in moving to Wyoming were a little different than what
happened to Shawn.  I had to get medical "releases" signed by my doctor
when I got my first Wyoming license, and ever since then I've just renewed
when needed without any hassles.  I always fill in the section that says I
have diabetes, but have never been challenged.  I assumed it was because I
had the original letter and haven't had any driving violations in the 20+
years since.

When my son got his first driver's license, he went through the same
process--he's diabetic, so he had to get the letter from his doctor.  He
had no hassles once the paperwork was on file.  I AM encouraging him to
renew early when his license gets close to the expiration date!

Isn't it strange that even in the same state we run into different
procedures?  Hmmmm.....

Doreen in Wyoming (where there are more pronghorn antelope than people, and
we refer to our entire state as a town with very long streets!)

Shawn wrote:
<Dan, I noticed you moved from Texas, where such wasn't
required. I'm now in Wyoming, and no such thing exists
here either. Actually, they basically want to make
sure your feet can reach the pedals and you can see
over the hood. Of course, we only have 450,000+ people
in the whole state, so I guess they figure with so few
people no one's in great danger of hitting someone
else anyway.>
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