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[IP] when to let go? AGAIN


I wrote my side of this already...but some people have said to "let go" 
now...I'm not so sure. We have had many friends volunteer to keep Kevin 
overnight,  some are nurses, some docs of sorts...but at this time of his 
life it seems a MAJOR imposition to ask anyone to do what WE do.( Get up 
during the night sometimes 2-5 times). Soccer nights are tough, strange foods 
react to him differently.  He does all his site changes, and problems with 
the pump such as alarms, battery changes...but if he is LOW or HIGH during 
the night - he will sleep right thru it.

I dunno what is right, I just know I cannot depend on others to do our job at 
this time, and Kevin is not ready to take on anymore than he already has!

Just my humble opinion....And we are praying for the cure! 

Mom to Kevin
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