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[IP] To Susan: Letting go

I totally understand where you are coming from. Kevin is 12, dx 12/98 and he 
had NOT stayed over any friends houses or gone on any retreats without us. He 
had a few school functions where my husband went overnight and were grateful 
because of the amount of exercise, different foods and things that happened 
during the night. We didnt have to do any site changes (even though we could 
with Kev too... a bomb could go off next to him!) but things came up that 
only my husband or I would know what to do. It has been this whole time that 
we havent left him overnight. (one week at diabetic camp not included) A few 
weeks ago we had to take my daughter to see a specialist for her foot 4 hours 
away and decided to stay over...Kevin needed to be at school, so my in-laws 
(who are with Kev alot and know more than the average bear) took him 
overnight. WELL, between strange meals and who knows what, we had about 20 
phone calls from 3pm to 3AM!!! First he was low, then of course he was 
high...long night for them and us being away. Not worth it. I'm already 
planning on going to COLLEGE with Kevin unless there is a cure! ha ha

Hang in there.I know we will get flamed for this one way or another for not 
trusting more, or giving more freedom....but there are too many variables at 
this point in Kevins life for me to risk him being anywhere but with us.

(we let many friends of his come here for overnights...so he isnt totally 
missing out!)

Mom to Kevin, 12, dx 12/98 
pumping 5/99
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