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Re: Re:[IP] Driver's License Revocation

I agree.  And the other side of the coin, I know how to drive, but I can't
legally because of my bad eyes.  Was driving a motor scooter around for a
while and almost hit a kid.  I stopped after that. No I didn't hit him and
nothing else happened, but it scared the BG to about 500mg/dL......

What if (related or unrelated to the 'betes) You had an accident and someone

If you could live with that chance, you've more guts than I.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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From: "Laura Arns"

> If you do lie, and then for some reason you are in an accident and they
> find out that you lied, you might face problems a lot more complicated
> that filing some extra paperwork. like getting your license revoked for
> a much longer period of time...
> Laura

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