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Re:[IP] Driver's License Revocation

>If you ever move to a new state do not admit to Motor Vehicles that you are 
>diabetic. Then you will be hastle free. Maybe in MN you could say the mark on 
>your application was a mistake or you thought you had diabetes but it was 
>anything else.

Please do not think I am making a judgement call either way on whether
or not you should do this, I am only offering information to help make
the decision... If you knowingly provide false information on forms such
as this it is generally a crime (it usually says so right on the form).
If you do lie, and then for some reason you are in an accident and they
find out that you lied, you might face problems a lot more complicated
that filing some extra paperwork. like getting your license revoked for
a much longer period of time...
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