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Re: [IP] Driver's License Revocation


Kind of been there and done that. In the state of
Illinois, where I used to live, they brought a change
in the questions asked when renewing or applying for a
drivers license. By that time I had been driving 14
years and never once had an accidenct due to diabetes
or other wise. The questions wents something like "Do
you have rheumatoid arthritis? Do you have this? Do
you have that? Do you have diabetes?" And I said
"yes." Immediately everything came to a screeching
halt and I was handed a sheet that I had to have
filled out by my doctor before I could go any further
in the process. Now, mind you, I thought I was being a
responsible citizen, and went to  renew my driver's
license on a Friday afternoon, since Monday was my
birthday and the drivers license  renewal center was
CLOSED on Monday. My endo was 100 miles away in St.
Louis, as if I'd find her on a Friday afternoon,
anyway, and get there and back in time with a signed
sheet. My family physician was also out of town. I was
stuck. I'm a pastor, so I called one of my
parishoners, also a physician, and asked if she could
see me. She said "yes." She knew me and my diabetes
care fairly well from our informal discussions. She
signed the form, and actually was appreciative of the
info since she herself had arthritis and could go in
prepared. I returned the form and got my driver's
license. I was glad they never checked to see what
kind of doctor I saw, or they would have been curious
as to why I, a male, was seeing an
obstetrician/gynecologist! There ended up being humor
in a very, very frustrating matter.

Dan, I noticed you moved from Texas, where such wasn't
required. I'm now in Wyoming, and no such thing exists
here either. Actually, they basically want to make
sure your feet can reach the pedals and you can see
over the hood. Of course, we only have 450,000+ people
in the whole state, so I guess they figure with so few
people no one's in great danger of hitting someone
else anyway.

Sorry to hear of your frustration, but hang in there!

Pr Shawn L. Kumm
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
406 S. 19th Street
Laramie, WY 82070

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