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[IP] re: when to let go--the Kid's perspective

Ok, I"m calling myself a kid.
 The person with diabetes will have to deal with it
all himself/herself one day and is best to learn to
take control, to do things their own way (safely), but
also to have a sense of support. That sounds like a
lot of BS, but let me say it like this.
 My parents did shots till I was 12, when I was 14 bg
hit the hormone stage and I realized that *I* wanted
more from diabetes...not mediocre control, etc, etc,
so on my own learned carb counting, aside from my
doc..who saved carb counting for pumpers..ironically I
got on the pump a number of months later.
 The kids have to be wiling to accept responsibility,
afterall who wants to NOT be allowed to go away for a
weekend with friends when they're 8 or 10 or wahtever
b/c the mom is overprotective? (Mine did this)...
 MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION--I'm 17, do everything on my
own, except for 3am checks if I have a big test the
next day or whatever..personally I think my parents
should be more involved, at least to look at the #s I
have, but tehy aren't and my a1cs are good and I'm in
control and am not afriad of going to cllege..I
survived a month at college this summer even with an
ER visit and no adults, andI'm going away again in 2
weeks and my parents aren't worried.
 My own OVERKILL opinion is, I've heard of parents of
FIFTEEN year olds doing set changes for them..and
telling them what basals to change, etc etc..that's
overkill. I got my pump when I was 15 and I'm still
the only who has ever changed a set, reservoir,
cartridge or inserted/worn the pump. Support is good,
but the child needs to become self sufficient, for his
own peace of mind as well as the parents
 Side note..I know some kids my age who HAVE to have
parents on their back or they won't take insulin..sad
but true, so everyoen's situation is different. I know
when I'm a peds endo I'll encourage kids to be
learning in addition to the parents, and for it to be
"shared" to a certain age when the kid takes over and
the parents have a more "supportive" role..

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