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[IP] Driver's License

SNIP>>>>>>>Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 13:37:38 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Driver's License Revocation
Has anyone had an issue with the DMV or bureaucracy in attempting to get a 
Driver's License due to their diabetes?  I just moved from TX back to MN 
after a 3 year absence, was pulled over this morning for a speeding ticket, 
truly my fault, and received a citation for driving with a revoked license, 
truly not my fault.   I thought I had a valid driver's license and was not 
even aware of the need for a Doctor's letter of approval for me to drive.  I

did have one before in MN, right before I left and had no idea I needed to 
renew it to drive. No notification.  I am facing a 30 day suspension, after 
the state receives the county ticket(?) and am hoping my new Dr., who I do 
not care for and is very part time, will sign the papers and forward them in

a timely manner.  Please share your experiences and advice if you have any.

I know that the laws are meant to protect us all. I do always test before I 
drive, my control is better with a pump, BUT I am feeling so stifled by and 
angry at this stupid disease!  Just another hassle to face.>>>>>>>>SNIP

Hi Joel:
When I moved to Alabama after 25 years in Oregon with no problems about
diabetes, I had to fill out a form when getting my driver's license.   The
form asked a lot of medical history questions with boxes to check if you
had....etc.,  being honest, I checked the diabetes box.  Next thing I know I
had to get a doctor's letter saying it was ok for me to drive before I could
get a license.  Then had to go back and get a letter from the State Medical
License folks with this docs license # proving he was licensed to practice
medicine in the State of Alabama. Finally got that stuff to them after
several weeks, they gave me a "temporary license until the state could make
a determination" about a permanent license.  Now it is marked on my driver's
license like my need for glasses.   It was a big hassle at the time.  Don't
know when/if they will require another letter.  But what  learned is "LIE".
As I have never had a reaction while driving and I know when I have a low
coming and keep glutabs in the car, in my purse, all over place, I feel safe
in not putting other's lives in danger.  

My daughter had even worse problems getting letters and such with her
medical problems    
You have my deepest sympathies cause you just can't win with "DMV".  Doesn't
matter whether you were notified or not, if their records say you got the
letter, obviously you got the letter.  Your doc should be ok to give you a
letter as he must have to do it often.  
Just have patience.   Like my sweet old 87 year old daddy says, Hope for the
best, but prepare for the worst. I will add particularly when it comes to
bureaucratic methods.  
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