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Re: [IP] Driver's License Revocation


I was curious and found the law that relates to driving and diabetes...
If I remember correctly it relates only to those using insulin and
simply not filing is also against the law... I find this somewhat
"presumed guilty until you prove your innocence" and indicates how
"normal" a life we can really live...

If you want the MN link, I think I can find it again.

Jim S.
email @ redacted

Dan Bergan wrote:

> I live in MN and I know the form you are talking about.  It asks:
> 1. Have you had an episode of loss of consciousness due to diabetes while
> driving?
> 2. Have you had non-driving related episodes of loss of consciousness?
> Then there is a section to be completed by the physician.
> 1. Diagnosis
> 2. Treatment/Medication
> 3. Is the patient cooperating with treatment?
> 4. Prognosis for control of the person's diabetic condition.
> 5. To your knowledge, is the patient qualified, in all medical respects to
> exercise reasonable and ordinary control over a motor vehicle?
> 6. Review examination should be required: 4yrs, 3yrs, 2yrs, 1yr, 6 mo.
> I have had this form sent to me every year since I moved to Minnesota and
> got my license.  The form says that at least one review is required every
> year until episode free for four years.
> It really annoys me to fill these things out every year.  I used to live in
> Iowa and I never had to do anything like this.
> If anyone wants to see the form, e-mail me privately and will scan it in and
> e-mail it to you.
> Dan Bergan
> email @ redacted
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