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Re: [IP] Driver's License Revocation

>Has anyone had an issue with the DMV or bureaucracy in attempting to get a
>Driver's License due to their diabetes?  I just moved from TX back to MN
>after a 3 year absence, was pulled over this morning for a speeding ticket,
>truly my fault, and received a citation for driving with a revoked license,
>truly not my fault.   I thought I had a valid driver's license and was not
>even aware of the need for a Doctor's letter of approval for me to drive.
>did have one before in MN, right before I left and had no idea I needed to
>renew it to drive. No notification.  I am facing a 30 day suspension, after

I live in MN and I know the form you are talking about.  It asks:
1. Have you had an episode of loss of consciousness due to diabetes while
2. Have you had non-driving related episodes of loss of consciousness?

Then there is a section to be completed by the physician.
1. Diagnosis
2. Treatment/Medication
3. Is the patient cooperating with treatment?
4. Prognosis for control of the person's diabetic condition.
5. To your knowledge, is the patient qualified, in all medical respects to
exercise reasonable and ordinary control over a motor vehicle?
6. Review examination should be required: 4yrs, 3yrs, 2yrs, 1yr, 6 mo.

I have had this form sent to me every year since I moved to Minnesota and
got my license.  The form says that at least one review is required every
year until episode free for four years.

It really annoys me to fill these things out every year.  I used to live in
Iowa and I never had to do anything like this.

If anyone wants to see the form, e-mail me privately and will scan it in and
e-mail it to you.

Dan Bergan
email @ redacted

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