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[IP] When to let go?

My answer: Long before they leave for college.  Or as soon as they are able to
take over.

They will fail, no deliveries will happen in the middle of the night and they
will not wake, but you will be there to help clean the mess up.  Better you
letting them learn the hard way (the only way I learn) with you to catch them,
than depending on a roommate at college to notice their ketosis.

So, following my 73 yr old friend's (email @ redacted) advice, I'm getting my 8 yr old "in
charge of as much as I can as soon as I can".  I wonder about her stress level,
so we have no issue with highs and lows.  She finds ways to help herself
remember to bolus at lunch.  If she missed yesterday's lunch bolus then, today,
she would forgo ice cream after school.  That way she gets a reward and has a
reason to remember to bolus that is self imposed.   We have also stopped
reminding her to bolus at family meals.  She was not remembering to do it at
sleep-overs and it just is not the hosting parents job, it is her's.  So WE
decided that she was depending on her hovering parents to remind her.  Her
parents have to be forcibly restrained from reminding her.  It is hard to keep
that mouth shut as she bites into the dinner roll without a bolus.

Now if I can get her Mom to let her remember to do her homework on her own.

Curtis Lomax

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