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[IP] Erica, the Canadian Butterfly is going to be on National T.V.(in Canada!

Hi folks,

I haven't written much to the digest lately, and I just have time to
gloss over the digest because things are going so well, and life is
incredibly busy.  I want to say a special hello to all our old friends
who stuck with us through thick and thin in the months leading up to
Erica's pump hookup in March of 99, and continue to support us.  Also,
hi to all the new people on the digest.  Wow...how exciting.  Out of the
hospital where Erica started pumping they now have 10 kids on the pump
with another 5 waiting in the wings for insurance approval!!!!!!!!

The reason I am writing, is this.  On Thursday afternoon, Oct 5th, I
received an e-mail from a gentleman at CBC Newsworld (Canada) who was
doing research on diabetes and found Erica's original pumping writeup,
and its followup, on the internet.  He asked me to call him, and to make
a long story short, an hour later it was confirmed that on Tuesday Oct
10th they were going to follow Erica around for her diabetic daycare at
the hospital, in some of her classes at school, and then footage at our
home.  Then they interviewed her and me ( I didn't like that part).
They spent about 4 hours total with us, and all the video they took will
likely be reduced to 4 minutes or so, but what an opportunity for Erica
to shine.  Of course, the darn pump decided to alarm halfway through one
of her classes (out of insulin), but that gave them the opportunity to
show her loading her syringe.  We felt like celebrities for a day!!

That was yesterday, the 10th,  an incredibly hectic day, but what a
chance to show the beauty of pumping.  Erica had lots of poise and
confidence, I am sure I will look like a deer caught in the
headlights....duh!  I hope I end up on the cutting room floor.
Anyway, I have been informed that the show will first air on Thursday
night, October 12th, at 8:30pm Atlantic Time.  It will be repeated 6:30
am and 12:30pm (atlantic time) on Friday as well.  It will be on the CBC
Newsworld channel and the show where our little snippit will be shown is
called Health Matters.  They are doing a section on diabetes/pumping.
What I did not realize when they were filming is that this show will be
broadcast nationally and it will be rebroadcast over the weekend quite a
few times.

So.....I thought this would be an opportunity for anybody who is
interested, and  might be in a position to see this show on diabetes &
pumping, & to see Erica.  Turn it off when it comes to me LOL  Honestly,
they had no makeup people to powder me and make me look good and boy
could I have used that!!  I also could have used a drink of water for
when my upper lip started sticking to my top teeth LOL!!

bye y'all

Barb....mom to Erica, from caterpillar, to butterfly, to superstar!  :)

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