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Re: [IP] static electricity

Static electricity will raise or lower the charge buildup of the pump. This 
will not damage it. When SE enters the pump with a mini lightning spark it 
begins where it may and is shunted through input protection diodes to the 
pump virtual ground. This activity causes the pump to remain in a noise free 
Unreliable manufacture is what I suspect of shutting my pump off in the mall. 
Because pump errors became common until MM replaced it.
The principle of radiated emmissions is this: everything is an antenna to 
radiation. The size of a piece of metal determins what frequency it will 
convert to voltage. Given the right frequency and amplitude from a noise 
source and lack of shielding around victim equipment a data coruption from an 
antenna voltage is possible. But that unlikelyhood would have been cought 
during FCC testing and corrected.
I'm glad the designers considered impact and crush resistance too.
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