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[IP] Driver's License Revocation

Has anyone had an issue with the DMV or bureaucracy in attempting to get a 
Driver's License due to their diabetes?  I just moved from TX back to MN 
after a 3 year absence, was pulled over this morning for a speeding ticket, 
truly my fault, and received a citation for driving with a revoked license, 
truly not my fault.   I thought I had a valid driver's license and was not 
even aware of the need for a Doctor's letter of approval for me to drive.  I 
did have one before in MN, right before I left and had no idea I needed to 
renew it to drive. No notification.  I am facing a 30 day suspension, after 
the state receives the county ticket(?) and am hoping my new Dr., who I do 
not care for and is very part time, will sign the papers and forward them in 
a timely manner.  Please share your experiences and advice if you have any.  
I know that the laws are meant to protect us all. I do always test before I 
drive, my control is better with a pump, BUT I am feeling so stifled by and 
angry at this stupid disease!  Just another hassle to face.
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