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Re: Re: [IP] static electricity

Fabric softener cannot protect the pump but the pump was designed with 
protection.  Sure things go wrong but not from something so predictable as 
static electricity in a medical device. The wory demonstrates a total 
ignorance of electrical engineering. 
Technical jargon:
The fabric softener works by adding a substance to the clothes to make them 
conduct electricity. There is no way that protects the pump, none.  There are 
however standards that govern product safety. The pump must comply to product 
safety code UL950 which means it can withstand electrical shocks of 42.4V and 
3.5mA from a 1.5kOHM source. It is a medical device so it must comply not 
only with UL specifications but also EN specifications. When one designs 
equipment one determines what is required for reliability, safety, and 
regulations compliance. One considers FCC, CISPR, EU, MILITARY, what 
environment must be withstood, medical requirements, product safety, NEC, 
CSA, Telecom, Power and Telephone Line Isolation. 
May the urban myth end here. Not likely and heck its not the world's most 
bizzare idiosynchrasy. If only we could buy decorator antibacterial 
antistatic sheets.
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