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Re: [IP] The rabbit died...

Hi Sherry congrats!   are there any Perinatologists in area. If you dont know 
that is a high-risk OB -they specialize in multiple births, Dm preg, heart 
patient preg, etc, etc.
most reg ob/gyn's dont do DM preg. in my experience. hope you can get some 
recommendations from yr endo .And if yr only 3 wks alng I really doubt you 
did any damage, babies are so resiliant. I've had 3 children 2 w/o pumps and 
1 I got pump 4 months preg. and sugars not very stable in beginnin. Well bs 
aren't very stable during preg anyway but pumps make the whole experince so 
much easier and comfortable. Watch those lows very closely- the first 3 
months their are a lot of lows /passing out(in my exp and what dr told me is 
normal) I often made mistake of thinking i was tired instead of lo and took a 
nap only to wake up later a husband gave me a shot of glucagon dazed and 
confused. always test before nap was the lesson I learned quickly.Good Luck 
and congratulations. 
  Jenee' P.
with 3 healthy,active, happy children!  
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