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[IP] when to let go

hey you guys,

allie and I are getting ready to go on a middle school retreat with our youth 
group tomorrow morning.  It will be fun and thank goodness I am working with 
the youth this year.  why am I working with them?  i would say I was called 
by God, but my hubby would say it was because he insisted I be there to keep 
an eye on Allie.  Who knows maybe God called me to work with youth so I could 
keep an eye on her.  She doesn't mind and actually is thankful (so far) that 
I will be there.  I worked with the pre teens before this year (6th grade 
isn't included with our youth).  So hubby and I actually had her in our dept. 
last year.

Anyway, I am wondering will I ever be able to let go?  Is this a lack of 
trust in God, or is it just not being stupid?  Allie does many things on her 
own and is VERY responsible.  But I think about this summer when I went with 
our youth on a mission trip.  She wasn't in the youth yet, but went because I 
was going(her best friend is our youth director's daughter and she went too). 
 Anyway,  it just so happens reality hits while we are there.  She stayed in 
my room (not at my insistance, just happens that way) and it just so happens 
in the middle of the night, while everyone is sleeping, she has a no delivery 
alarm.  Did she ever wake up? NO.  I get up, get my clothes on and  trapes 
across the lawn to the building with a phone and am sitting in the dark 
trying to talk to the minimed rep.  Come to find out the problem was between 
her and the disconnect so the site had to be changed.  Guess what?  I changed 
it in her sleep and she barely woke.  I did tell her what I was doing, cuz I 
didn't want to wake her and freak.  Anyway, what would have happened if I 
wasn't there?  Am I willing to take that risk, or to trust others to do what 
I do?  I don't know.  I would guess most of you are adults and not parents of 
kids, but what would you do?

I miss hearing from this list, no one seems to post anymore.  Maybe it 
folded, did it?  Oh well.

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