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[IP] hospital pump hookups

> hI ALL, I keep reading on here that new pumpers are going to the
> hospital for a day to get pump training. Ive only had my minimed 508
> for two months and the CDE came to my house and was outta here in
> about 2 and a half hours.  She didnt even do the saline first.

This is just an opinion, but......
I think that some physicians that are unfamiliar with or new to pump 
therapy send their patients to the hospital so they (the physician) 
does not have to worry so much about getting the basals, etc... wrong 
and crashing the poor patient. Those experienced with pumps don't 
seem to do this. My daughter, like you, was visited by a pump trainer 
(not a CDE, but excellent!!!), wore saline for a few days and dropped 
into her doc's office for about 15 min after that to "go live". She 
was eleven and totally unphased by the whole thing, just wanted a 
McDonald's apple pie on the way home (teary eye here).

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