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[IP] Re: Horrible Diabetes & Stress

It's a pleasure to know you Tom.  You are a very wise and wonderful human
being.  You will remain in my thoughts. Take Care and God Bless  Carol T.
And to the lady who said she was sorry to have started this thread?   I
think it's great-Thank you
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Subject: Horrible Diabetes & Stress
Some of what Tom Wellman wrote:

> You asked, "what do you do to manage high levels from
> stress?"  Sorry its a long answer - its not an easy
> question.
> >  Ok, I've been there - but I'm not going to
> let anger take control of me -
> Stress affects each of us differently>
>   DM doesn't define me, even though its part of who
> I am.
>  I accept help from others. I always learn more when I
> listen than when I talk.  I ask lots of questions.
>  I laugh a lot - humor is a great way to relieve
> stress.
> I cry a lot - crying is a great way to cope (even for
> us "manly men").
> > When I volunteered at ADA camp and woke up in the morning
> with a little 6 year old Polynesian boy jostling my arm and
> looking at me with big brown eyes saying "Mister, would you
> give me a shot?" It was all I could do to hold back the
> tears.  Is diabetes horrible?  Its different for each of us.
> For the little boy with the big eyes at camp, he doesn't
> know enough yet for diabetes to be horrible. For his mom and
> dad - seeing their little one having to grow up with the
> challenges of diabetes - Yes, its probably one of the most
> horrible things a parent could face.  For me, surviving
> several near-death experiences - No, diabetes is not so bad.
> But we can probably all agree that it is a very complicated
> condition - both emotionally and physically.
> Tom "Pump Daddy" Wellman

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