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[IP] Wrong readings and averages

John Hughes wrote:
>  I messed up my average on my Profile with a 303 tonight.  Caused
> by some junk food while at the theater watching Space Cowboys. I kinda
> got busy watching the movie and did not bolus when I should have. Oops!

I never pay ANY attention to averages on the meter. They're not
meaningful, because we don't test regularly (like every half hour), nor
do we always get correct results (technique errors like sugary hands!).

What I DO pay attention to is what my BGs are doing at the moment, and
correct accordingly. As far as I'm concerned, that's what the meter is

I know exactly what my goals are for any given moment (under 120 before
meals, under 200 two hours after meals, under  140 four hours after
meals, and over 70 at all times.) 

Obviously, I don't always hit those goals, but when I'm not in the right
place, I just treat accordingly, and have done with it. 

What this means is that, of course, there are going to be more tests
when I'm high, because that's when I NEED to know what's happening --
when my BGs are in a good range, I can relax. (i.e. check less often
when having a great BG  day!)

I guess I've taken over COMPLETE control of my DM -- there is no way for
my endo to see the total picture -- ideally, a combination of chart scan
for patterns and A1c for average BGs  would give him an idea of just
what's happening, but he's gotten to the point where he trusts me to
handle it myself. 

People whose BGs are less stable than mine will obviously have to check
more often, but always remember a meter reading is a POINT datum, and
ALL it's meant to do is to tell you whether you need to do something
right now. Those averages are NOT a measure of your overall control.

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