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[IP] approaches to life

> Above all, don't let anything said (or written) have a negative impact on
> your approach to life.  Keep that positive attitude, express yourself at
> every opportunity and maybe, just maybe, others can learn to have a
> positive approach from looking at your example.
> Rev. Randall Winchester

Sixteen years ago my identical twin friends received the Joslin 50-year
bronze medal(s). They were the first id. twins to get them - it's now 66
years of DM each for them!!! I called the newspaper and there was a write up
and photo. One got a phone call from an irate girlfriend saying, in effect:
How dare you celebrate something like DM when my boyfriend just died from
complications - he had no choice!  I have mentally prepared myself for
someone to come down on me with this same attitude about my 11/4 BASH. The
analogy I will use is: When people marry they expect it to last a lifetime.
Some end in divorce, some have a mate who dies, those who make it to 50
years have a celebration. Same thing. I'm not celebrating DM - I'm
celebrating life and survival!
Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM 507C 3/99)

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