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Re: [IP] wrong test results

Every three months when Andrea goes to her endo, we come out with 5-6 pages 
of printouts of "statistical" information downloaded from her BG meters.  One 
of the charts/averages even combines all the readings from the various meters 
she uses.  What drives Andrea (who is 15 & is a math-baby) crazy is that they 
take one look at the simple average and go nuts --- 190 average - that should 
be much lower, Yack, Yack, Yack. Then (once again) Andrea explains --- she 
doesn't test much when she's low (she knows she's low and she's too busy 
eating to test) - but boy, does she test when she's high - to be sure she's 
coming down -- so of course, the numbers are skewed to the higher range for 
her.  She's often thought of figuring out how many low tests she needs to do 
to manipulate that average into the "acceptable" range.  (To her endo's 
credit - they know to shut up when she starts her statistics lecture and to 
look at the glyco-hemoglobin results instead.)  She's learned to essentially 
ignore the "average" that appears when the meter is turned on --- she knows 
how simply that number can be skewed by a couple of really high tests.  There 
must be some statistician types out there who can help come us come up with a 
good "line" to give the endos.

Liz B.

Andrea's Mom
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