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[IP] Static Electricity

>... I'd like to discuss the "touching metal" idea...heck its too involved. 
>It must be "grounded" metal...well forget it.

I didn't see the start of this post, but ...

To avoid a static discharge between two objects, they must be at the same 
"potential". To achieve that state, they must be connected in some way. 
Touching an object will ensure that it's at the same potential as your 
hand. "Grounding" the object will not always prevent static discharge -- if 
the object is near other ungrounded objects at a different potential, 
static discharge can still occur. (Lightning hits trees, and nothing's 
better grounded than a tree.)

I don't understand here what kind of static discharge is being considered 
-- between the pump and what else? Your hand? Then, from time to time, 
touch the pump. You're dragging your feet across the rug and touching the 
radiator with the pump? Touch the radiator with your hand instead and then 
touch the pump.

Grounding a pump, under normal circumstances, should not be unnecessary.


regards, Andy

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