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Re: [IP] wrong test results


At 10:15 PM 10/10/00 , you wrote:
>I think this was all tongue-in-cheek humor.  "Most" of us would never
>do this because we KNOW who would suffer in the long run.  Just Humor,
>that's all.

Ah but the enjoyment of being able to say the average is too high so I 
could change it.... :)
Only times I even remember my dr looking at the readings was when I was 
confused and asked for an idea of what was going on.....  The readings have 
always been for me and only give me advice about what is if you are willing 
to guarantee the advice.... (and YMMV isn't a guarantee!!!!!!!!!!!!)

>By the way, I make a living programming in C++......anyone want lessons?<vvbg>

Have you ever tried scanning the meter contents to see what it contains? 
.... and then defining the data object?.... never mind..... hmmmm couple 
spare meters and 2 data cables.....


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