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Re: [IP] wrong test results

On 10 Oct 2000, at 17:42, Jim S. wrote:

> I think what you are missing is a reality that you have not been exposed
> to...

I think you are correct in this.  

I was only diagnosed just over a year ago and started insulin in 
March and my early problems had to do with wanting my health 
care team to be MORE aggressive and being royally pissed at 
them for not.  My current endo (the one who agreed that I needed 
to be tested for type 1 back in March) has been absolutely great.  
Even when she chides me it's usually because I'm trying to do it 
right but just haven't quite got the knack yet.  And I can't really 
even call it chiding cuz she's usually laughing at me (in a good way-
-cuz I'm usually overdoing things :-D).  Also she has never asked to 
see my monitor.  Just my BG charts.  So I've always considered 
that average to be just for me and just a rough estimate.

I've had certain problems with docs in my life (hence my intense 
needlephobia), but, yeah, it sounds like I've lucked out with finding 
the endo I have now early on in my diabetes saga.

Also, someone mentioned about how a 400 will take the average 
higher than a 50 would reduce it and how double-testings also 
skew the average.  I hadn't realized that (hadn't thought about it).  

I'm glad I asked!

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