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Re: [IP] reservoirs-cartridges

Email me off list and I'll get a few things D to you, no trade, don't need
MM supplies.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
----- Original Message -----
From: "Amy Martin"
Subject: [IP] reservoirs-cartridges

> Ok,
>   A weird sort of request.
>  I'm curious if anyone on the list has recently
> switched over from Disetronic to MiniMed and has some
> cartridges they'd be interested in trading (fair
> trade..1 MM res for 1 D cart +needle) for MM
> reservoirs. I just switched over and after a year on
> MM still have a good number, which actually IS good,
> b/c college and insurance uncertainty are in the
> future (and if nothing else, I will use these
> reservoirs on my old MM pump before they expire), but
> was wondering maybe someone else was in teh same
> position (opposite company wise) that would want to
> trade as to have more supplies for the pump they're
> currently using.
>  Please email me privately.
>  Amy
>  LOL, I'm calling a 15 month old pump OLD:-) Boy my
> perspective has changed! Right now I have 3 pumps plus
> a rep's loaner:-) And with the virus last week in the
> ER I was able to INSIST it was not my pump broken,
> which was such a relief!

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