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[IP] insulin resistance...NOT

Hope wrote
>  Now I am "playing" with almost 1/2  of insulin bolus
>  being changed from 2 to 1.2.  Blood sugars are now
>  running 190-200 consistantly even with boluses.  

According to my CDE, and my personal experience, this is to be expected while 
your body re-adjusts to less insulin...For a while now, your body has had too 
much insulin...it compensates for that by dumping in hormones, which raise 
your bg, which in turn make you take more insulin, right? so NOW, you are 
taking LESS insulin, you will hopefully stop having such roller coaster 
swings (as minor as they may be) and eventually your body will even out.  I 
also cut my basals a LOT on the suggestion of my CDE...mainly to prove her 
WRONG, as i was certain i had my basals right...Sure enough...the first two 
weeks I was WILD...I followed her advice to ONLY bolus for highs VERY VERY 
conservatively...ie, aim for a 50 point drop in 2 hours, not a 200 point drop 
in one hour...and I tell you what...she was RIGHT!!!  My basals are STILL 
almost a third less than they were last summer...when i see them creeping up, 
I know I am being lazy and "estimating" too erratically...

Just try and test often...cover for highs conservativley and don't just 
assume your basals are too low, or you are insulin resistant, just YET 
anyway...giv eyour body the chance to find level.  It will also help you lose 
weight, if you can get by with LESS insulin!  If you dont have to FEED those 
lows, and then bolus for the highs, it can help significantly!

Sara SP
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