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Re: [IP] DM horrible- I apologize for starting this!

On 10 Oct 00, at 11:05, Carrie Super wrote:

> When i started this thread, i did not realize what a response it was going
> to receive. First off, i would like to explain myself a little better, i
> never said that this disease was a good thing to have.  I was trying to
> explain why it is good to have a better attitude towards life in general.

I think the thing that most of us cued on was the combination of statements 
that sounded like criticism of the people who openly say "this stinks", along 
with the suggestion that "there are worse things to get"...  

As you discovered, there is a volatile emotional side to this condition that 
we share.  There is nothing wrong with expressing the distress at having to 
go through all the hassles, heartaches and annoyances.  Many of us even have 
a knee-jerk reaction sometimes when anyone seems to imply "you ought to be 
glad you have diabetes"... 

I've worked with a lot of people with long term illnesses.  All chronic 
medical conditions have their own set of physical, mental, emotional and 
spiritual challenges.  The same set of conditions that can cause one person 
to grow and bloom in the face of adversity leave the person sitting next to 
them understanding exactly how that grasshopper that splattered on your 
bumper as you went 70 mph down the interstate felt and what his future 
prospects were...  That goes for any of the chronic, terminal or poor 
prognosis conditions.  

What causes this?  A combination of things - genetics, personality, available 
resources, background, training and an almost infinite number of other 
factors come into play.  If you are one of those people who soared on the 
storm of adversity we celebrate with you.  If you are one of those 
splattered on the truck bumper we stand with you, ready to scrape you off 
and help you go on as best you can with our encouragment and support.  If 
you are either one of those, remember that there are many of us in the 
middle, who are soaring and looking over our shoulder for the truck that we 
can see gaining on us...

A positive attitude helps in efforts to control bg, but a positive attitude is 
learned, nurtured and can be very fragile.  I hope each everyone has a 
positive shift this week...

> So to all of you, i wish you a happy life and i
> apologize for starting this thread.  Let's put it to rest.

No need to apologize.  You gave people a chance to think, a chance to vent 
and even a chance to see how differently other members of the collective 
interpret similar events...  As for putting it to rest, I don't think it will 
stay down too long.  This topic has a habit of jumping back up every so 

Above all, don't let anything said (or written) have a negative impact on 
your approach to life.  Keep that positive attitude, express yourself at 
every opportunity and maybe, just maybe, others can learn to have a 
positive approach from looking at your example.

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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