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Re: [IP] wrong test results

<part of original post>
<Am I reading this right?  Are people getting screwed up readings from
the Profile?>

Hi Melissa,

I've used the Profile since it came out (2-3 years ago??) until a few
months ago when I switched to the FastTake. The Profile has delivered
fabulous results for me. Every time I've checked it with the tests done
at the lab, it's scored just fine (keeping in mind the 12% difference
between plasma and whole blood readings). Same with the FastTake, which
I tested extensively against my trusty Profile before switching (the
FastTake reads 12% higher because of the difference in blood sampling,
but once I got used to that it has been great). Having just finished the
Continuous Glucose Monitoring experience a few weeks ago, the FastTake
correlated very well with the CGM--with the same average over 3 days! By
the way, I have several meters of both types (Profile and FastTake), and
have compared all of them against one another rather extensively as well
(yes, my fingers are sore!!). I want to be confident in the meters I
rely so heavily on.

Bottom line: I think these meters are great. Remember the user error
factor: for Profiles, not getting enough blood on the strip (even when
the meter thinks it may be enough) can cause an error. Same with
FastTake--making sure the blood completely covers the "confidence
window" area. And of course washing our hands if a reading is suspect
and testing again.

Hope this helps restore some confidence in your Profile--and no, I don't
work for Lifescan!



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