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[IP] two week averages on meter

I hear what you been saying (SARA SP).

I like to see those low numbers on the fastake, to get a low running average.
Ours generally runs 180 but is about 207 at the moment.  Each time I turn it on
to record for the day I see that average and wish it to be lower.  I rationalize
the high average by remembering that we often test twice for real high numbers
just to be sure that it is not the sugar on the finger from the cookies or

In the software I will go in and take out the double highs and the double lows
to get a real average.  Also any false highs or lows.

A few 30's or 40's really bring down the average fast but not as fast as a 400
brings it up.

On shots we had about 10% below 70, Now we have 3% below 70.

Today she was 260 on waking and Dad wanted to change sites.  She didn't.  So, I
let her make the call but said that she would have to put in the site herself at
school if she was over 300 at lunch.  She persuaded Mom to be willing to come in
at lunch if needed.  So much for freedom and resposibility going hand in hand.

Well, as long as the HBA1C is close to 7, I wont make a stink.

Curtis Lomax

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