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[IP] static electricity

> To me, an electical engineer, the antistatic idea is so way out there.
<snip> I
> discussed this type of misinformation with my engineering boss, he told me
> took memory chips out of his computer as a test carying them in his pocket
> for a week, trying to rub them and shock them. They were not damaged.
> Aaron

But, Aaron, when you get a screaming alarm due to S.E. and MiniMed who
SHOULD know how it works advises the used fabric softener sheet, and it
doesn't alarm after that, you MAY change your mind. I was also told to touch
something metal before touching my pump - but who can remember to always do
that? Isn't a caution prescribed by the company worth a pound of cure? I
pick up a lot of S.E. shocks in the dry winter in north-central Indiana. My
lining makes me crackle, and my inexperience agrees that this tiny motor
could pick up that electrical charge. We had a lightning strike near our
home once and only the microwave, ice maker, and garage door opener were
affected. Those low-voltage motors picked up the charge. I'll continue using
the sheets and if it bothers you that I do, well.... YMMV  It works for me.
Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM 507C 3/99)

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