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[IP] diabetes horrible

hello jen,
i agree with carol.  sounds like he just could not handle any pressure.  just keep your headup andkeep pushing forward.  there is someone that will acept you for you and not worry about the fact that you have diabetes. my wifehas stuck by me through thick and thin since i was dx with diabetes(we were not married at the time i was dx).  she has been a big help to me helping me keep up with the supplies i need to stock back up on.  sometimes i think that if it was not for her and my son i probably would not be doing as good as i am now.  diabetes is not a good thing and i would not wish it on anybody.  but we do have it and we have to take advantage of what is there for us to take care of myself.  i will be pumping soon too as soon as my pump gets here..push forward and as i have found there is always support here for anybody and c
an get excellant advice from people here.  good luck
glenn marks