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Re: [IP] insulin pens

On 10 Oct 2000, at 13:25, email @ redacted wrote:

> wombn wrote:
> >They rejected the humalog pen just last week, telling me that it 
> >wasn't a "medical necessity" and that they cover syringes.
> Runderful Randall sent me one he had when i first started using humalog to 
> cover highs.  I no longer use it and would like to pass along the good deed.  
> If you want it, send me your snail mail address and it is yours.  It has 
> everytihng you need, except the insulin.  

Aw thank you!  That's very kind of you!  Now that I know about the 
California law regarding coverage, I think I'm not going to the pursue 
the pen, but instead concentrate on the pump.  So keep it for 
someone else who might want it.

> and what is your name by the way.  you never sign your posts!

I'm sorry!  I promised my husband that I wouldn't use my real name 
on any usenet or email or IRC list--especially since I've been so 
active in alt.support.depression for so many years (4 years).  He's 
a bit extra-protective. :-)

But I answer to anything that's complimentary! :-D

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