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[IP] two different meters?....Sara?


Not sure if you were the one who mentioned "messing up averages" on your
profile meter...

I'm up to no good again. LOL  Just out of curiousity I looked up the
communication spec for the profile meter... Since all of us use the
meter only as data for "what is" so we can adjust things, no body would
be interested in "a little kids devious thought".... 

The profile data cable establishes both a transmit and receive link to
the meter. If some devious person was capable enough with C++. Wonder if
they could access data storage areas of a hypothetical meter and change
the data that was stored at a specific location.... (VBG) Might not need
to have 2 meters so averages are averages are averages...

And such a program would need to be anonymously made. When it showed up
on the teens computers, wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of the
"search and destroy mission" that would definitely bring together a
group of parents who know "control" is possible...... (wonder how many
kids with diabetes like programming...)

The devil made me do it...... 8-)

Jim S. 
email @ redacted
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