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[IP] never apologize

Carrie wrote
> that people were going to start putting other people down
> because that have a good outlook on their life and a possitive attitude
> about their disease.  So to all of you, i wish you a happy life and i
> apologize for starting this thread.  Let's put it to rest.

I personally thought it was a GREAT thread...so don't apologize.  Loved the 
debate!  Better than anything Bush or Gore have to say that is for sure!  
You, at least, sparked something in just about everyone who read your post, 
(unlike the presidential ones), and whether they agree with you or vehemently 
disagree, it does NOT matter!  We ALL have opinions (some not as good as some 
others   KIDDING), and emotions and our own attitude towards diabetes.  You 
have your right to yours just as much as someone else has a right to theirs...

No apology necessary in MY opinion.

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