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[IP] Publicly thanking Minimed

A short note outside of our usual discussion technique (people and company 

I had a Rabbi at one time who told me that one should always thank one for 
doing them a favor or a good deed because the person put in the time and the 
care to help you, you should let them know their help worked and is 

I want to publicly thank Minimed and the design team there for the 'almost out 
of fuel alarm' on the 508!!  While I had thought this would be a 'nice' 
feature, it has saved me from running out a few times already (and yes I've 
been pumping almost 20 years and should know by now to check, but since I 
always keep supplies at work and at home I'm never anywhere I don't have 
them.....until what would have been Yom Kippur in shul).

I would also like to thank everyone who has done pump work for the last twenty 
some odd years (since it's inception).  I was able to fast the full day on Yom 
Kippur with my only problem overeating after the fast was over.  If someone 
had told me 25 years ago I would be able to fast on Yom Kippur I would have 
thought they were crazy.


Now we return to our regularly scheduled hit 'em over the head discussions:

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