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[IP] looking for advice on figuring carb bolus

hi all! i need some advice or ideas. i've been on the pump almost 2 weeks
now, and i realize everything isn't supposed to be "perfect", but i'm just
looking for direction as to what i can try.
my problem is that my numbers are great at nite and on weekends while i'm
at home, but during weekdays-arugh!!!! i'd like to try and fix this,
seeing as how it's frustrating and hard to do my job when i spend most of
my workday 200 and over. i need my brain to work!
my normal basil is eoh-every other hour .1, then .2, then.1,etc. at work
it's .2 those 8 hours. my carb ratio is 1 :30 and 1 unit drops me about
100 points. my tdd adverages 8-10 units a day. during work hours, i always
creep up, but not too far, so i don't think it's my basil. when i bolus
for food i am ALWAYS WAY higher than when i started! my 1 unit high bg
works erratically-sometimes it drops me, sometimes it doesn't. 
is there a way to figure out a ratio by using the carbs you ate and amount
you bolused? for example,at breakfast i was 175.(no, i don't usually wake
up this high). i at the same 45 carbs i always do, and i bolus 1.5. to
bring me down, i also took a high bg bolus of .7. one hour later-203, two
hours-186 and, well, 3.5 hours
later-bingo-i'm 177. so it didn't work to bring me down, but FOR ONCE i
was at least back where i started. usually i am anywhere from 50-100
points higher.(for example, for lunch, i started at 189, and now two hours
later i'm 315). i'd like to see if i can repeat this experiment. any of
have any ideas as to what i could make my new ratio? i'm sick of guessing
because i haven't even been close. mind you , i only have this problem at
work, so i've guessed right for the rest of my life.
i'm sorry this is so long. i'm just so frustrated and tired i thought
maybe you guys would have ideas.
dx 8/1/00
assimilated 9/27/00

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