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[IP] another interesting one

Jan H wrote
>  I took a BG just because I needed to - no symptoms of anything. 
>  The result: 369. That was a curious thing so I to

i had a simlr experience this weekend...only the other way...First test of 
the day, I felt uggy so I used my QID (didn't wanna screw up my great average 
on my profile meter...yeah yeah shut up, i KNOW that is cheating, but it 
makes me FEEL better to see the meaningless average be lower on my meter 

ANYWAY...wow, 50 I thought, that is low (for me) in the morning...I need to 
have that one recorded...so I tested again with the profile...thinking - 
really gonna skew that average down now, eh?  Dammit to hell...the profile 
read 365!!!!  I tested again on the qid and this time it said 328...damn damn 
damn....I have said it before but I HATE that meter!!!  

lesson learned...you can fool the meter, but you can't fool yourself...

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