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Re: [IP] DM horrible- I apologize for starting this!


About 15 years ago I made a statement that "I was learning to come to
peace with a killer" and the person "went ballistic" verbally.... A
couple of years I saw her and asked about that day when she almost
screamed "diabetes isn't a killer"....

She had been scared coming to terms with her eye complications and was
in her 20s. She was also the manager on a small American Diabetes
Association office so had to deal with inquiries from people looking for
information and support.

The horrible part about any disease is more the lack of acceptance of
dealing with the feelings and working through them (A process, sometimes
more scary than the disease itself.)

It is sometimes devastating to find out that others are having similar
problems "controlling" a disease. "If I just do better" everything will
be fine can be both motivating and devastating. This has nothing to do
with what is being done but is more about the feelings...

I am personally grateful that there has been so much response to your
post. Even the personal attacks say something about the person doing the
attacking...something triggered feelings that the person didn't want to
deal with.... so ATTACK the messenger

I once had an acquaintence say about diabetes: "If I acknowledge my
fear, I won't be able to do what I need to do"....  It would be
fantastic if there were places where we can learn that the feelings are
normal and OK to deal with. And by actually dealing with the feelings we
no longer need to carry such a heavy load...
Carrie Super wrote:

> When i started this thread i had put in the subject line that this was MY
> OPINION, i wanted to know how everyone else felt about it that's all, i
> didn't know that people were going to start putting other people down
> because that have a good outlook on their life and a positive attitude
> about their disease.  So to all of you, i wish you a happy life and i
> apologize for starting this thread.  Let's put it to rest.
> Carrie

When a person's positive attitude is "merely a mask", it is very
fragile... When it is based on also being aware of the "monsters" the
attitude is unshakeable and there is no threat from others who don't
have the same attitude...

Thanks for being the catalyst that enabled the lid to be slightly lifted
on a "boiling couldren".

Jim S.
email @ redacted

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference
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