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[IP] DM horrible- I apologize for starting this!

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>  Excuse me, but your happy go lucky attitude is for NOW -
> let's hear from you THEN!
> Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM 507C 3/99)
> http://maxpages.com/bludasue

When i started this thread, i did not realize what a response it was going
to receive. First off, i would like to explain myself a little better, i
never said that this disease was a good thing to have.  I was trying to
explain why it is good to have a better attitude towards life in general.
My uncle had a brain tumor when he was 16, they did alot of surgery on his
brain, he has amazed many doctors because he has lived to be 52.  But, our
family has had to watch him have seizers almost every day of his life, he
takes more than 12 pills a day, he has never been married or even had a
girlfriend, he has never moved out of his mothers house because he can't
live alone, he has never had a job, and he has been bald on the top of his
head since he had the first surgery at the age of 16 and has a huge scar
from it, he does not have full control of the left side of his body and now
he is losing all sense of balance, he trips over his own feet all the time,
he has split his head open numerous times, the staples holding his skull
together from the surgery are now starting to be pushed out of his skull by
scar tissue and he has lumps on his head from them.  I would much rather
live with diabetes than live the way he has had to live, but as far as he is
concerned he has had a great life, he never wallowed in self pitty, he has
never really complained alot about his illness.  He thanks god that he has
given him a life and he continues to enjoy every day he is on this earth.  I
lost my great grandmother to breast cancer, a friend of the family was
diagnosed and died within a year from lung cancer.  I do not and will not
let this disease bring me down, i refuse to think of my life as horrible
because of this disease there is too much other horrible stuff in this world
to worry about.  I am not saying this disease is great, yes it can be tuff
and it can be frustrating but when i do develope complications i still will
NOT complain about having this disease.  I don't think of myself as "dealing
with it",  i have learned to "live with it" and "control it to the best of
my abilities" and to "understand it" so that i know what is and might be
happening to my body.

When i started this thread i had put in the subject line that this was MY
OPINION, i wanted to know how everyone else felt about it that's all, i
didn't know that people were going to start putting other people down
because that have a good outlook on their life and a possitive attitude
about their disease.  So to all of you, i wish you a happy life and i
apologize for starting this thread.  Let's put it to rest.


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