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[IP] Celebrex

SNIP>>>>>>From: "RoseLea" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Celebrex

I finally got to the dr today to have my painful shoulder looked at.  He
told me that it's not frozen shoulder, but it's probably
bursitis/tendonitis.  He prescribed Celebrex and physical therapy.  I left a
message at my endo's office to ask about taking the Celebrex, but they never
replied.  Has anyone taken Celebrex and what can I expect from it as far as
bg control and side effects?  I tried searching the IP archives and couldn't
find anything on it.  Thanks much, really appreciate it.
RoseLea and Max...<<<<<<<<<SNIP

Hi RoseLea, 
I have taken Celebrex for years, since it came out.  It is so much better
than the old Nsaids I had to take.  It works well, and causes me NO Side
Effects.   It is expensive - THFI (Thank God For Insurance)!  But it works.
I hope you have the same luck I did.  Keep us posted!

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