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Re: Re: [IP] Okay - I'm rejoicing!

I havn't posted before so let me try this
IMO Diabetics need to be heard. Yes this is a terrible disease. When
my three year old cousin was found to have it his mother wanted to
know what she could best do to help him cope. I told her make sure he
sees other diabetics so he knows he isn't alone. Let him cry when the
disease gets on his nerves or for that matter scream when he gets mad
about it. I was dxed at 4 and wasn't allowed to cry about it because
that would mean I was feeling sorry for myself or get mad because
that meant I didn't appreciate all the people who were trying to help
me. I love my mother dearly and she could not be thanked enough for
doing her best to help me and being availible at all hours for me.
But by telling me those things it caused me a lot of pain. The other
thing I said was realize he is still a child and will want to eat the
things children eat and he may have a hard time following his diet.
Teach him how to have some of the things he enjoys safely so he won't
be prone to sneaking chocolate bars or whatever. This disease is hard
but I don't want anyone's pity. I want a friend who can listen and
understand, a doctor who is in touch with my needs, and a dietician
who can handle the fact sometimes I want a piece of apple crumb pie
with ice cream on top, and no guilt trip layed on me. Diabetic means
just that, it doesn't mean somehow people magically become adept at
dealing with a sometimes frustrating painful condition. I rejoice
that there are many improvements in treatments. I rejoice that my
life is happy and full of wonderful people. I do not rejoice in
needles and probably never will but they are necessary and I am glad
they are here because I am not ready to die yet. I am ready to fight
this disease until they cure it and I am ready to enjoy every day I
win the bg battle.

Kayti dxed at 4 waiting for Samantha her D-tron to come by mail

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