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Re: [IP] Celebrex

To: <email @ redacted>
* Subject: [IP] Celebrex
* From: "RoseLea" <email @ redacted>
* Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000 19:08:31 -0400
* Reply-To: email @ redacted

>Has anyone taken Celebrex and what can I expect from it as far as
>bg control and side effects? RoseLea and Max...

I took Celebrex, 200 mg per day, for about 6 months for pain from a ruptured
disk. I was not aware of any effect on bg. About 1 month ago my
gastroenterologist (he's not the MD who prescribed the Celebrex) recommended
that I take the Celebrex as needed for pain, rather than every day. As a
result I am now taking the Celebrex once every 4 or 5 days. The gastro's
reason was that the Celebrex was suspected of causing some gastric bleeding.

I am Type 1, age 67, pumping for over 5 years.
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