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Re: [IP] Celebrex

In a message dated 10/9/00 6:08:29 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I finally got to the dr today to have my painful shoulder looked at.  He
 told me that it's not frozen shoulder, but it's probably
 bursitis/tendonitis.  He prescribed Celebrex and physical therapy. >>

Hi RoseLea

I've "done" both Celebrex and Vioxx for my painful shoulders. On Vioxx right 
now. Neither has affected me in any way except to take the edge off the pain. 
Physical therapy will help a lot! In fact, I need to go back. I didn't get to 
finish mine because of surgery early in the summer, then I took IV 
antibiotics that exacerbated the situation, and now the pain is in different 
places so I think I need different exercises.

Ain't it fun?  :-\

Jan and Elvis
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