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[IP] Diabetes is no good but yes there are worse things

Natalie sera writes after we agree diabetes sucks then what. In a regional cancer center I would often be consulted to see patients in severe pain or anxiety. Clearly they often wanted to talk and I was glad to listen, if only to hear what they wanted to say. The sum and substance of my patient's verbalization was more of I just want you to listen doc. I want to talk and I want you to listen not that I going to say something earth shattering, just hear me out. Often this required no more than 20 minutes of time and a stroke on the cheek with my hand. sometimes the patient just wanted to sob and wanted spiritual support.They didn't want to be told they were going to be ok but rather that it is ok to die and that I would not let them suffer. by listening to our vents, this is what all of us are doing. An awareness of ones mortality comes with ageand is one of first potends that we do not control everything like we thought we should. Each of us will die in our lifetime and we will no more control that than most other aspects of our life. For those of you in health care especially nurses I'm sure your experience is similar spot

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