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[IP] RE: newly diagnosed

Beth Howell

I think that any doctor who suggests waiting a month to treat any disease
which requires immediate attention should be fired on the spot. although the
shild may have had D for a couple of months already w/o treating it, the
faster he does the better he'll feel. When I found out I had D my doc tried
pills and diet for 2 weeks and sent me to josilin to prepare in case the
pills and diet didn't work and i needed insulin, when it didn't work he sent
me to the hospital and the next day I was meeting with an endo and starting
a new plan. granted I have access to several major hospitals but living in a
small town is no excuse to deny proper treatment of D.
I would suggest calling the closest josilin center or any center that deals
exclusively with diabetes and asking them to recommed a few endos or ped
endo and a primary care practioner or two. These people work with a lot of
different doctors and they can give some very good insight. My previous endo
was very much respected by the CDE and dieticians at the diabetes care
center. He has since moved to work with the Mayo clinic.


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